CSS for Age Check Modal

Categories: CSS

CSS for age check modal on the puuf network sites:

@media (min-width: 1024px) {
     dclm_modal_content {
          max-width: 800px;
          font-size: 14px;
          text-align: justify;

dclm_modal_content nav {
     width: 500px;
     margin-left: auto;
     margin-right: auto;

dclm_modal_content nav a.av_btn {
    padding: 0 0;

Text > Title

Your search has generated sexually explicit results.

Text > Content

<strong>Permission to enter this Website and to view its contents is strictly limited to consenting adults who affirm that the following conditions apply:</strong><br /><ul><li>
That you are 18 years of age or older, and that you are voluntarily choosing to view and access this content for your own personal use.</li><li>
That you intend to view the adult material in the privacy of your home, or in a place where there are no other persons viewing this material who are either minors, or who may be offended by viewing such material.
If all of these conditions apply to you, and you would like to continue, you are given permission to enter.</li></ul><br /><br /> If any of these conditions do not apply to you, or you would prefer not to continue, please click the "exit" button now.